Q Fever

Q fever is a serious bacterial infection that can be contracted from living near and working with livestock and other native animals such as kangaroos. The Q fever vaccination is an effective way to prevent against Q fever infection.

You can read more about Q fever via this fact sheet or the Australian Q Fever Register Website.

Dr Muecke and Dr McLeod are accredited to perform the testing and vaccination for Q fever.

You are NOT eligible to have the Q fever skin test or vaccination if you have the following:

  • Previous confirmed Q fever infection, vaccination or skin test
  • Immune system disorder or medications compromising your immunity
  • Pregnancy
  • Previous vaccination adverse event and/or egg allergy

If you do not have these above conditions then please contact our clinic to make a booking. The total cost of the consultations, blood test, skin test kit and vaccination is $405. These costs are not subsidised by Medicare.

The first consultation involves:

  • A screening questionairre and examination
  • A skin test (to see if you have had prior Q fever exposure)
  • A blood test performed by SA Pathology (to check for Q fever antibodies)

The second consultation is performed 7 days later and involves:

  • Assessing the skin test site for a reaction
  • Reviewing the antibody test
  • If both of these results are negative, then the vaccination is given.